Attention Economy hits Home @SAHceo

Ever struggle with the question of if anyone is consuming your media. You produce and produce and see little or no results? There is a spectrum of too little to too much content released & today on Stay At Home CEO a post is released focused on the Attention Economy.

The article is written for Stay At Home Dads and Stay At Home Moms, especally those wanting to build a business, but the idea really applys to you. Especally if stay at home parents are part of your target market.

Something other then spamming the crap out of people is needed if you want long term success & ever want to reduce the amount of work you need to do for results. The funny thing is you don’t define “spamming” your potential audiance does.

SAHceo – General Business Ideas

Stay At Home CEO released an article focused on types of businesses that can work great in the spare time outside taking care of children, or for those of you are not (or never want to be) a stay at home dad or mom, these are options for outside your day job.

Inspired by a coaching client who asked a couple simple questions:

How can you find these people? What skills or services would they offer?